Rodenberg TB Drive Shakedown Special review


Hey! Today I’m going to write another English blog. A while ago I bought a Rodenberg TB drive Shakedown Special. As most of you probably know by now, I am a huge fan of Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown so I’ve wanted this pedal for a while. I contacted Ulrich from Rodenberg Amplification and by the end of the week the TB drive was delivered to my house! Since then, it has been my #1 overdrive pedal. I’ve been using it every day and almost never spend time on my other overdrives.

A little background info on the pedal. It’s a signature version of the GAS-808 overdrive. The story goes something like this. Logan (Tyler’s guitar tech) brought the GAS-808 with him so Tyler could try it and Tyler fell in love… They lived happily ever after, except for Logan, who lost his pedal in this story. 😉

Since that day, Tyler has been using the pedal during every recording session, every gig, so you could say it’s the heart of his sound. Tyler contacted Ulrich from Rodenberg Amplifications. They came up with a design together and launched the TB drive. So, let’s see what it does!

I’ve tried this pedal through a Marshall jcm2000 DSL40 combo, a Boss Katana and played my Gibson SG, my Epiphone Les Paul and A Washburn 10XB Strat. The pedal has two channels, a bass boost on every channel and a 909 gain boost on the left channel.

The first thing that stands out is the versatility. It goes from 0.1 to 100 and does everything in between with pure class. You can go from a little overdrive for your soft blues playing, to the biggest, meanest rock sound you’d ever want to play. It does not really get into metal distortion. You could probably get away with it, but you won’t really have a metal sound. But that’s not what you wanted to do with this pedal anyway. It succeeds in a warm, rounded tone but cuts through the mix just the way you want it. What it will also do, is make your harmonics come out like crazy! It has never been this easy to get your harmonics right.


With the knobs on the pedal you can control volume, tone and drive for both the channels and everything comes in even when you turn the knobs. When you activate the ‘bass’ switch you get a bottom boost which means your guitar will sound fuller and a little more bass heavy. This is what I mostly used with my strat to get that little extra thickness. The 909 switch is really sweet. Three times the gain, with just one click. Your sound gets stronger, tighter, without losing any of the warm, round tones you get from this pedal.

You cannot run the pedal with a battery so a good power supply is needed. It runs on 9 volts and has a current draw of 200mA. As a little bonus, this pedal is really silent. It does not add any extra noise to your sound.

Now I’ll leave you with a YouTube video where Tyler gives you some insight in this awesome pedal.

All the Rodenberg pedals are handmade in Germany. Interested? Get your TB drive here!

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